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Blood Purification Properties of Turmeric Curcumin and Its Effect on Health

ImageIncreasing pollution, excess use of pesticides, and unhealthy lifestyle has slowly increased the toxin levels in our blood. Rising toxin levels in blood would make blood impure and also affect your health as a whole. While the common reasons that make people look for natural blood purifiers are related to beauty, more toxin in your blood would result into many harmful health problems as well. There are many blood purification remedies present in nature and one would benefit by consuming them regularly in the prescribed form. However, when it comes to holistic healing, one name that has always surfaced is Turmeric Curcumin. Turmeric Curcumin is known for its health benefits since ancient times. This yellow spice has found culinary applications across various Indian and South East Asian cuisines to add color, taste, and health to the dish. One needs to have this wonder spice in different forms to get the maximum advantage from its amazing health properties. Here you will see how Turmeric Curcumin can help in blood purification to offer numerous health benefits.

What is blood purification?

Blood is the medium to transfer oxygen and nutrients to all the vital organs of the body. It helps in flushing out the toxins from the body and plays a major role in maintaining general health and wellness of the body. Healthy blood boosts your immunity to fight out infections that may range from common cold to life threatening diseases.

The process of blood purification is the natural body function and is continuously carried out by lymphatic system, kidneys, and liver. This natural purification function is hindered due to many internal and external factors. Some of the common factors affecting the natural blood purification mechanism of the body are – Alcohol, drugs, poor diet, and toxins present in your surroundings. Over stressing your body mentally and physically may also slow down the body’s blood purification mechanism.

The slowdown of the blood purification function would result into compromised immunity, reduced liver functioning, and other health problems that are caused because of increased blood toxicity. Depending on the severity of the issue, you will have to opt for elaborate medical treatment or just some natural blood purification booster. Natural blood purifiers are harmless and can be included in your routine diet to enjoy seamless benefits.

Amongst various natural purifiers making a mark in global kitchens, turmeric is topping the list.

More about turmeric as blood purifier

Turmeric, a rhizome is the member of ginger family having very peculiar taste and aroma. The slightly bitter taste of this golden spice packs in various health benefits in it. Talking about the composition of turmeric, the main substance that governs the therapeutic properties of turmeric is “Curcumin”. The color and health properties of turmeric are mainly because of curcumin present in this root. This is the reason why turmeric curcumin is finding more applications in medicines and supplements instead of natural turmeric.

However, those looking out for the benefits of turmeric natural way can take turmeric as a whole or powdered form. In certain seasons, you will find the fresh turmeric depending on where you stay. Fresh turmeric bulb must be used after proper washing and peeling as being a root, it may be covered with soil particles all around.

- Brush of the soil properly to ensure that you have clean bulb of turmeric.

- Peel off the skin to remove any residual soil.

- Add the cleaned turmeric to juicer with other vegetables to add the elements of blood purification to the juice.

- Cut the cleaned turmeric in thin slices, then add lemon and salt to it. Now leave it for few hours or refrigerate for a day or two. This will remove the intense flavor of turmeric and make it good for sandwiches and wraps. This way you will get pickled turmeric.

- Dry turmeric is available almost all over the world. It is powdered to use as a spice or even for other applications.

- Powdered turmeric can be added to gravies to enhance the color, but one may go easy with the same as the taste and aroma of the powdered turmeric is quite strong. Adding more than a pinch would change the taste of the dish.

- Add it to boiling water and prepare turmeric tea that can ease the symptoms of cold and flu.

- Prepare turmeric milk by adding it to warm milk. It is one of the most effective things to have for blood purification.

- Turmeric and honey before going to bed can be used as home remedy for persistent coughing during nights.

- Curcumin is found to be absorbed more effectively when used with some kind of fat and black pepper. Have it with some healthy oil variant (preferably virgin) to avail benefits of curcumin.

Blood Purification and Its Effect on Health

Turmeric will purify your blood and remove harmful toxins. Some of its positive effects on health are –

Cancer Prevention – Toxins entering your system through different mediums are carcinogenic and trigger points for cancer. Turmeric removes these carcinogens from the body and resultantly helps in preventing many types of cancers affecting areas like prostate, liver, colon, esophagus, pancreas, lungs, and skin.

Glowing Skin – Your skin is the reflection of your health. Impurities circulating in the body through blood would make your skin dull and appear on the surface as dark spots. Turmeric would make your skin glow when applied externally or consumed for internal cleaning of the system. Certain fungal infections are also cured by turmeric treatment.

Cardiovascular Health – Research has shown that along with other impurities, turmeric also removes bad cholesterol from blood. It is good to upkeep your cardiovascular health. Turmeric works best when taken with ginger, cinnamon, or black pepper.

Blood purification is indeed a necessary function to boost your immunity, fight the toxins entering body, and reverse ageing. Use it naturally in any form or check out for turmeric curcumin supplement to feed your body with all the benefits of this golden spice.



Increasing pollution, excess use of pesticides, and unhealthy lifestyle has slowly increased the toxin levels in our blood. Rising toxin levels in blood would make blood impure and also affect your health as a whole. While the common reasons that make people look for natural blood purifiers...