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Where To Buy The Best Turmeric Curcumin Extract? A Consumer’s Guide

choosing turmeric curcumin

Points to consider while choosing turmeric curcumin extract

Curcumin Percentage – The main reason for having curcumin extract is to get the most out of this health packed spice. You may therefore check the percentage of curcumin in the extract before buying it. Most of the good quality curcumin extracts have about 95% of curcumin in it.

This can be considered to be the ideal amount of curcumin in the extract to get good results. You may avoid the supplements with lower percentage of curcumin even if you are getting it for low price as this will not serve you the intended health benefits.

Process of Extraction – Curcumin is the yellow compound present in turmeric and can be extracted through different methods. As this compound is not water soluble, many other solvents may be used to get the extract. These solvents may be synthetic and have harmful effects on your body.

The traces of solvent present in curcumin extract would not just reduce the effectiveness of this extract but may enter your body for further damage. Ensure that the supplement that you are planning to consume is manufactured by using safe methods or Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Sufficient Clinical Trials – Any new supplement or drug undergoes sufficient clinical trials before entering the market. This is regulated by the food safety authorities of the particular place. Turmeric is natural and can be procured from the store without any prescription but to keep it safe, there are certain regulations laid by the food safety authorities. Ensure that the claims made by the supplement are true and have sufficient clinical trials backing the same. 

Enhanced Bioavailability – Curcumin has very low bioavailability and may not get absorbed fully in the body even when you take it as an extract. The term bioavailability indicates the amount of product being absorbed in the intended part of the body. Low bioavailability means lower absorption and vice versa.

The plain curcumin or its extract may also have lower bioavailability. When you consume plain curcumin, it will be processed in liver and would be broken down to be thrown out of the body. Only small amount is left behind to reach the target tissues. This small amount of curcumin will not act in the way intended as it may not stay there for longer period.

To avoid this, many companies enhance the bioavailability of curcumin extract by using certain natural additives that enhance the absorption of curcumin so that it reaches out to target tissues and encourages healing. 

One That Meets Your Health Needs

Curcumin can be used for vivid health conditions but when you are using curcumin extract, you need to find the one that addresses your health problem efficiently. Though all the extracts contain pure curcumin, they are formulated differently to address different health conditions.

You may check out for the combination that may address your health issue efficiently. The curcumin extract brands made available by different companies address problems like – 

- ​Inflammatory Bowel Disease

- Osteoarthritis

- Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2

- Rheumatoid Arthritis

- Hypertension

- Cancer Prevention

- Digestion Issues

- Alzheimer’s Disease

- Blood Purification

There are many diseases that can be cured by using curcumin extract in recommended dosage but most important thing is buying the right supplement that really work!

turmeric curcumin extract

Where can you look for turmeric curcumin extract?

You will find genuine turmeric curcumin extract online or at retail outlet through easy payment options. Look out for money back guarantee and shipping policy before proceeding as some extracts may cost you low but additional shipping charges will change the entire pricing. 

Money Back Guarantee – Many online portals offer money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product. You can trust the quality of these products as they are backed by genuine guarantee that protects your money and assures your health. 

Shipping – Free shipping is offered by many websites. This will save both hassles and money. 

No Prescription Required – When you are talking about natural product then it should be available freely without any prescription. Only natural products are available prescription free, so you may also buy the product that is available without prescription to avoid any side-effects. 

Above guidelines would make it easy for you to procure pure turmeric curcumin extract that would fight your health flaws effectively and offer assured results on regular consumption. 


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